About Jackie - Our Couples Specialist

I am a BACP accredited counsellor/psychotherapist with over 20 years experience of working with both individuals and couples. My initial training which I completed in 2006 was with Relate a national counselling service best known for couples who require support within the context of their relationship.

I have been working in private practice for 10 years and I have previously worked within the NHS for 8 years counselling adults on a one to one basis as well as developing and implementing the provision of a new therapeutic service for couples who are experiencing relationship distress alongside depression.

I am a fully trained clinical supervisor and currently offer supervision to other counsellors in private practice as well as clinicians within the NHS. I am also a clinical supervisor and trainer for Tavistock Relationships based in London. Tavistock Relationships is an internationally renowned charity for advanced practice, training and research supporting couples, individuals and families.

Despite couples being my specialist area of work I also have a keen interest in working with young adults and I have extensive experience of working with individuals experiencing difficulties including depression, anxiety, relationship or family issues, attachment injury, grief and low self esteem.

I offer short term or longer term support and welcome clients aged 18 and over.

Why do people come to see a couples counsellor?

Sometimes in relationships when it feels things aren’t quite right or going to plan we can be left wondering, why aren’t things the same as when we met and how did we get to this point? What’s gone wrong and whose fault is it?

All sorts of things can have an effect on our relationships – raising children, stress at work, bereavements, caring for other family members, illness, feeling low, anxiety, infidelity, difficulties around intimacy, substance misuse, financial problems and normal changes within ourselves as we get older.

These are just some of the issues which can have a huge impact on how we feel and therefore interact with our partners.

It is natural for all couples to experience difficulties from time to time...

But if you find yourself feeling really unhappy in your relationship and don’t know how to improve things, you and your partner might benefit from couples counselling. We are often too close to our own problems to be able to see clearly what is going on and, therefore, talking things through with a qualified and impartial counsellor can be very helpful to:

  • Discuss your difficulties in a safe environment
  • Untangle some of the seemingly confusing aspects of your relationship
  • Help to understand patterns of behaviour and where they may have come from
  • Blame each other less and improve levels of communication between you both
  • Assist both of you to help make good decisions for the future

Get in touch

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